Cathy McGowan

CATHY MCGOWAN: "Anybody who wants to be with it in England watches 'Ready, Steady, Go' for any of their fashion ideas. We have such a with-it director. He makes sure every little detail is seen. In fact, we started the Mod craze. And how amazed we were at the colossal reaction. It all started with the idea of our show being for Young Moderns, so we just called them Mods."

Before Cathy was chosen from among 600 girls to be the hostess on the television show, she used to write fashions for a woman’s magazine.

CATHY MCGOWAN: "Oh, it was horrid. These people of 40 used to water all my ideas down, because they never quite believed me. They looked at me as though I’d taken a turn. But now, on television, everybody takes notice of me. It’s lovely because I just wear the fashions and they catch on. More than anything I enjoy getting ready for the show. I love it! I love going to the hairdresser on Friday morning; I love dressing up and putting make-up on and even dabbing on the perfume. It’s just likecathy mcgowan going to a smashing party. The only thing I don’t like about the program is that it’s not long enough and it’s not in color. It’s such a drag when it’s all over."

CATHY MCGOWAN: "Even though the English groups and female singers are a novelty with the Americans right now, perhaps because we are so far out, your music is far better. We’ll never be as good. Your music has a marvelous beat and is so professional. Our people who record have been to work all day, then they pop in and make a record that same evening. But in America, there is more of a struggle and more experience is needed to get ahead than with our people. We have no one to compare with your American pop s ingers. Even The Beatles wouldn’t name an English group who would be in their books. The biggest compliment you can give an English artist is to say he has an American sound.“