Jackie Trent

"One day a gypsy selling pegs and telling fortunes called at our door and declared, ‘There is music in this house and one of your kids is going to do great things!’ (Now buy some pegs!) Wondrous prophesy! (Mind, she could see our piano, thro’ the window!!) Not that my school music teacher would agree. Mrs Baker had no time for personal expression, so the back of my head felt a weighty school blackboard ruler a little too often……….not fun! Mum and Dad sent me to piano lessons, but after three sessions the teacher simply gave up, explaining to them that, once I’d heard the piece, I could play it and paid little attention to the written music! He did offer help with my voice training and to develop my diaphragm: laying flat on the floor with heavy books dumped on my chest and made to sing scales in full voice, without moving the books. Which stopped me singing ‘in my boots’. And ‘These Boots are (definitely) Made For Walking’. So…… that’s where the voice power came from: determination and hard work! When I finally left school, I made Mrs Baker a defiant promise that I would send complimentary tickets when I made top billing at the famous London Palladium: which I did reach, of course, but Mrs Baker didn’t come to the Show…" - Jackie Trent

(text source: Jackie Trent.com)