Mod Hairstyles

mod hairstyleA guide to the Mod Hairstyle

The Crew Cut/Cropcrew cut

A short cut in which the hair is cut an even, short length (usually around 1/4 inch or less) all over. In America ‘crew cut’ is used more broadly to refer to a range of short haircuts and a traditional crew cut would be known as a Burr Cut. In general the U.S. definition refers to a cut that is tapered at the back and sides but may be up to one inch on top.

caesar cutThe Caesar Cut

A moderately short cut worn in the style of Julius Caesar. The hair is layered to a round 1 to 2 inches all over. The hair is brushed forward to a short bang or fringe at the front.
french crop
The French Crop

Similar to a Caesar. The difference is that the French Crop is worn a little longer and may be feathered near the front, if the wearer chooses.

fringe cutThe Fringe Cut

In Amercia known as bangs. When one has a fringe cut, the hair has been deliberately cut (with scissors) in a way that causes the hair to cover the forehead.

The Ivy league/Short Back & Sides
ivy league
ivy league hairstyleThe sides and back are cut short and tapered across the crown, and the hair gradually becomes longer and fuller toward the front. In a classic ivy league, enough hair is left in the front so that it can be neatly parted and styled, usually with pomade or gel. More contemporary ivy league cuts may style the hair upward or forward in the front, but are still generally neat cuts that follow the shape of the head.

The Layered Cut
layered hairstyle
steve marriott haircutThe layered cut may be the most basic, yet most popular hair cut in history. It is a type of cut that may frame any type of face frame, but especially those with longer faces. When cutting the hair in this style, the hair is actually cut in what appears to be layers. The hair is cut at different lengths and then blended together in a way that doesn’t allow you to see where one layer began and one ended.


Square/Blocked Backsquared hair

paul weller haircutThe square back, known as a hairstyle in which the back, at the bottom level, is cut as a defining straight line. The hair is full and the sides are not tapered. This style can range in a number of different styles, including a crew cut, an ivy league or a flat top.

Backcombing/French Combingback combed hair

rod stewart haircutBack-combing, also known as teasing, or ratting, is a process that involves taking sections of the crown of the hair and combing it from underneath. With one hand holding your hair and the other holding a thin comb, back-comb hair in the opposite direction from it’s natural growth pattern.

French combing is mode of dressing the hair by combing it upwards and outwards so as to create the illusion there was more hair than there was


The Horseshoe Flat Tophorseshoe cut

The horseshoe flat top is a extremely short version of a flat top. The name comes from the fact that hair on the head resembles a horseshoe type shape. The center area of the hair, which lies flat, is bigger than most flat tops. This cut is sometimes also referred to in the US as a burr with a bumper. The front of the cut is 1/4 inch. The sides of the actually flat part of the hair is about 1/8 inch. You can’t get any shorter without going into a full Crew Cut.

beatle cutThe Beatle Cut

Also known as the mop-top (for its resemblance to a mop) is a mid-length hairstyle named for and popularized by the The Beatles. It is relatively short in the back and sides, and incorporates long bangs (fringe). It is essentially a type of bowl cut.
page boy cut
The Pageboy Cut

An extension of the Mop-Top and first seen historically by English pageboys (thus the name). In this hairstyle, the overall length of the hair is the same from top to bottom. The hair is also curled under from the bottom. The hair can then be worn parted in either the center or at the sides. The length usually falls from the shoulders or longer.


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