She's A Mod

'She's a mod' by Ray Columbus and the Invaders was recorded in Auckland a few weeks before the New Zealand tour by the Beatles in June 1964. It traded on the so-called British invasion of trendy fashions, groovy dances and swinging morality. Carnaby Street, the Pill and Mary Quant were about to become household names.

Beatlemania was on the rise, but American artists and dance crazes still dominated at the start of 1964. Columbus and his band the Invaders had always preferred the hard-edged British image that made them the toast of their home town of Christchurch. After moving to Auckland at the end of 1962 the band attracted a following at nightspots, such as the Shiralee, for their danceable rhythm and blues, matching pink guitars and mod image of shaggy hair, black drainpipe trousers and winkle-picker shoes.

The song’s durability became apparent during the 1980s as the classic hits format swept through radio. Early in the decade, the original 'She’s a mod' went Top 20 again. In 1990 a rap version by Columbus with Double J and Twice the T topped the Auckland charts and went to number two nationally.

(source: New Zealand History Online)