Small Faces Convention

Here are my photos and some clips from the Small Faces Convention, 2008.

I went with my son, Calum, and met up with fellow Glasgow Mods, Steve and Andrea, who, along with their friends, are a great crowd!

Unfortunately we missed The Visitors, who Steve told me were excellent. The first band we saw were RT3 - who include ex-members of The Purple Hearts - they had a great female singer, who my son seemed to like - he currently listens to Janis Joplin all the time.

The next band Petty Hoodlums were one of the best of the night and definitely the coolest looking.

Small World also played a great set and were joined on stage by John Hellier(the event organiser)’s daughter for a couple of numbers.

Stan Lane (Ronnie’s brother)was a special guest and it was his birthday so, along with the Small Fakers, the crowd sung happy birthday to him. Stan said the Small Fakers were the closest he’s ever heard to the sound of the Small Faces and I have to say they were excellent - the singer certainly was a good lookalike for Steve Marriot (even down to the height measurements). The Small Fakers were also joined on stage by a young kid who happened to be Steve Marriott’s nephew.

The last band we saw were Secret Affair who strangely (having been billed as headliners) only played for about half an hour - and didn’t do any Secret Affairs songs… The stuff they did was good (including Get Yourself Together, I Don’t Need No Doctor) but it did seem a strange set choice and I think everyone was a bit surprised when they went off so quickly.

Overall though it was indeed a great night with a really great Mod crowd - the highlight for me was meeting up with Steve and Andrea.

The Small Faces Convention is an annual event. Watch out for info on this years event...