Kenney Jones

KENNEY JONES: "We was all mods before we were in the Small Faces. Funnily enough, when we met up we were all already mods. We had all identified individually with what we wanted to be before we had actually met. It was absolutely amazing that when we all bumped into each other we had absolutely similar fashion senses, absolutely similar tastes, similar outlook. The reason is because we were the first young generation after the war, and I remember growing up as a kid in black and white. And really, everybody did wear black and white, and we were the people to wear color, and it was amazing. We started to wear all these bright things, and it was alright to dye your hair then. A lot of mods actually dyed their hair blonde. It wasn't called dyed, it was called bleaching your hair then. Because it was the bleach, that was all we had to do it with".

kenney jonesKENNEY JONES: "The great thing about the mod movement is that it'll never die, even if it goes out of fashion, there'll always be that spark movement, and that'll always keep it alight. And every time it comes back, it'll get stronger. Because it's the sentiment behind the movement of the mods, not just fashions, but the mod statement, which was we are here, take notice of us, we're just people in a group and we're having fun. And it's all right to have fun! Nothing wrong with it. And if we get a little bit outrageous we don't mean it to upset anyone. Stay cool...."