Small Faces

Small Faces were formed in 1965 by members Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, and Jimmy Winston (who appears in the above clip but was soon after replaced by Ian McLaglan). Famously their first gig outside London took place in a tough working men’s club in Sheffield. The crowd at that club was mainly made up of Teddy boys and hard-drinking workers. They were thrown out after only 3 songs. Despondent, they literally dragged their gear into the nearby mod-oriented Mojo Club (owned by a young Peter Stringfellow) and offered to perform there for free. They played a set which left the local Mods (and Stringfellow) in pure ecstasy!

In contrast to The Who, Small Faces were first and foremost Mods who got together and formed a band. As evidence of this point their contract with manager Don Arden involved being given a weekly wage plus accounts in every clothes shop in Carnaby Street!

The Small Faces shared a record label (Immeadiate) with P P Arnold, who sang on their hit "Tin Soldier" (1966) and accompanied them on their subsequent tour. The Small Faces would also write hits for Arnold and her band The Nice.