Roger Daltrey

roger daltreyROGER DALTREY: "Our Mod look was engineered by our first manager, a very bright boy named Peter Meaden. At that time in England, 90 percent of the bands resembled either the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. If anything, we were similar to the Stones. It was Peter who made us aware that the whole thing was more than just music. It was about image, too".

"He said, 'Everybody had long hair. Get yours cut.' That was an incredibly dangerous thing to do because kids with long hair over their collars were dying to get thrown out of school. To walk in with short hair was taking a very big chance, but it worked".

"The Mod look was very clean-cut, Ivy League, fashion conscious, which was exactly opposite from the Stones. Peter told us to do it, and he was right. Kids began identifying with our short hair and Ivy League clothes, and it just took off from there".

ROGER DALTREY: "We didn’t identify with any of it (psychedelia) at all. We really didn’t. We sat in our own niche. Very much with the mod thing, but that’s where we started. We were just youngsters doing what youngsters do. We were never really hippies, we were never really punks; we were just four yobs from Shepherd’s Bush—just young people growing up, disgracefully".