Ronnie Lane

ronnie laneRONNIE LANE: "I was a mod and I was listening to Booker T & the MG's and I was into the bass. I started listening to the bass. So I thought, f**k it, I'll play the bass! I had already learned to play guitar - not very well - but I could get my hands around a song. So I talked my old man into buying me a bass guitar in 1963 or 1964. Strangely enough, that was the turning point. I went to this shop to buy the bass guitar that I had seen in the window and this little guy came up to me who was serving. I said 'I'd like to have a look at that bass over there'. And he said 'ah that's the best bass in the shop. That's a great bass!' He was very enthusiastic and keen about Tamla Motown. I liked him. Anyway, that's how I got to meet Steve Marriott."

RONNIE LANE: "Yes. We leant towards being the mod thing. I mean, let’s get this straight: Payin’ for a guitar on a hire purchase, an HP, and being in a band… it didn’t really help you to be a mod. Because to be a mod was a very expensive job. It was a very expensive hobby. A real mod would have something like fifteen suits in the wardrobe, and spent all his money on clothes. And, let’s get this straight, every week the fashion completely changes. Only subtly, but subtly enough for that suit to be out, y’know? Therefore, to be an actual, real mod, we couldn’t really do it. But we leant towards bein’ mods, and when we started having hit records and that, yeah, we was mods all right! (Laughs) Yeah! Of course!"