Mark Joseph

(the clip above is from a gig Mark played at my son's school for Oxjam - in support of Oxfam - I have to say he was excellent and, as you can tell from the recording, is very much one of the mods! In the clip he sings 'To Be Someone' and 'My Generation')

Mark Joseph is a child of Britpop, hitting his teens just as Oasis transformed the UK’s musical landscape. In 1995, aged thirteen, he learned three chords on a cheap second-hand acoustic and life would never be the same. At 19 Mark was feted by certain cynical elements of the recording industry - he says, he was promised “everything I ever wanted and more”. What he got was a harsh lesson in reality. Chewed up and spat out by the time he was twenty-one, Mark resolved to take matters into his own hands. He took over the dining room and set up a small recording studio. It was a basic affair: drum-kit, guitars, keyboard, microphones and an old fashioned tape recorder. “No computers”, says Mark “All you need is the instruments and something to record them. Then it comes down to the songs and whether they are good enough.”

In 2003 his debut single, ‘Get Through’, released on his own kitchen sink label (Mark Joseph Records) crashed into the UK top forty with no advertising, no radio play, no TV appearances, no media coverage and no budget to speak of, prompting Radio One to ask “who is Mark Joseph?”

MARK JOSEPH: “I never liked the fake, manufactured, choreographed boy/girl band crap that was shoved down our throats when we were growing up. I like songs that mean something, played by the people who wrote them.”

For more check out the Mark Joseph Website

Mark Joseph is currently working on a new musical Mod Crop in which he will star alongside Dave Berry.

Look out for more details...