Timebox - Buckingham Palace Ride Out

The Buckingham Palace Rideout is organised by Bar Italia Scooter ClubNew Untouchables in conjunction with The New Untouchables, as part of the Timebox weekend of events.

Despite the gloomy British weather up to 300 scooters were in Carnaby Street for the meet up and set off at 2pm to ride through the streets of London towards Buckingham Palace before heading to the Strongarm pub in East London. The sight and sound of the scooter mass seemed to be quite a jaw dropping moment for the throngs of tourist, quickly fumbling for their cameras to supplement their snap of Trafalgar Square's pidgeons with the emminantly more colourful mods.

New Untouchables
At the Strongarm the crowd were entertained by some fantastic mod sounds from a gathering of scene dj's. Also, playing live were The Caper Story, and The Shoestrung, both bands (in particularly The Shoestrung) seemed really up for the occasion and the enclosed basement venue gave the whole thing quite a groovy 60's atmosphere.

The top DJ’s continued well right into the early hours of the morning and the whole Timebox alldayer left many 'beggin' for more!

(click the image below to open slideshow of the day)Buckingham Palace Rideout