21st Century Mods

In the late 50's/early 60's there emerged a desire among British youth to break away from the stiffness of 50's 'fashion' and uncouth look of the Teddy-boys. That desire led to the creation of a movement formed of individuals who wanted to look stylish, or modernist, and they became known as the mods. In the same way the mod revival of the Jason Sharkeylate 70’s/early 80's was a reaction to the dreadful styles of the 70’s, the anti-style attitude of punks and, again, a desire to display a more stylish form of dress.

Those original mods saught their inspiration from the more stylish Italian, French and, latterly, American fashions. Todays 21st Century Mod, being uninspired by the fashions of the day and uninterested in the scruffy street look of 'emo' 'skaters' and 'chavs', looks to the styles of the 60's and Mod revival era for direction.
moscow mods
In the 21st Century, more than at anytime before, the mod movement has become international, with mod societies thriving in places as far afield as Moscow, where the Secret Affair played a recent gig - the mod crowd's exuberant reaction and stylish attire prompted Tracey, who runs the band's fan club, to say: 'It was like 1979 all over again!' (check out the Moscow Mods website for pictures of the gig and their cool scene).

italia mods
In Italy Mod events take place throughout the year, with large enthusiastic crowds, and the desire for the complete look is so high that Italian mods are occasionally having to reverse trends and import classic scooters back to Italy from the UK! (see the Italia Mods website for more details of events in Italy).

Another aspect of todays mod movement is the mixture of different generations. At any given event in the UK you will find a mixture of mods who have been part of the movement from the time of the late 70's/early 80's revival, plus originals mods from the 60's, and (more and more) younger mods. For those taking part it's not a matter of the older or younger generation - today they are all part of The Mod Generation. However, in the main, it's the older, more established mods who arrange these events (and are keeping the scene alive) but, already, the younger, newer mods are starting to arrange clubs nights and events for themselves and the future is assured in the hands of the 21st Century Mods.