Angie the Mod

Angie Sneddon
Angie Sneddon is one of the faces of the Glasgow Mod scene - she was there through all the highs and lows - and luckily for us she always had a camera in her hand - although the fact that she had a voddy in the hand may have resulted in some shaky photos...

Anyone who knows Angie will be WELL aware of her favourite song and on hearing her belt it out (which could happen at anytime or in any place) it's a sound you'll never likely forget! Angie lived in the same area of Glasgow as Lulu and it's Lulu's big hit 'Shout' that she would delight us with. To this day Angie is known to shout out the opening of the song - much to the bemusement of her friends and work collegues.

Glasgow Mods
And those photos...Angie has captured some fantastic images of Glasgow Mods over the years, having been a mod from the age of 14 - you can find them HERE.

Angie the Mod is still involved in the mod scene and can be seen on the back of a Lambretta GP200 or belting out a song or two - just cover your ears if anybody mentions Shout.

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