Balloch 09

BallochThe weekend kicked off in Friday Street, Glasgow's No1 Mod club, where the dj's really got things fired up with an riot of mod sounds. The excitment of that build up was so much so that there was a danger of there being a few casualties for next morning, but by 12 am a big crowd had gathered outside McChuills for the rideout. The 25 mile trip to Balloch was undertaken in some style and it was noticable how everybody in the shops and houses came out to watch the scooters go past.
Glasgow Mods
The Argyll Roadrunners SC booked The Doghouse Bar in Balloch for the afternoon, which was a great choice. The bar was very hospitable - bringing out rounds of scotch pies all afternoon! Unfortunately it took a while sorting out the sound system but once it got going the place was rocking. We were also entertained by Coileyboy's band - with guest guitarist Rab McTear of the East End SC - for a good old sing-a-long.

For the evening 'do' we were in The Grahamston Bar on Waterloo Street (just round corner from Central Station), Glasgow, which all agreed was a top class venue - where they put on a massive buffet for us. Some really great dj's gave their services for this event. We had dj's from The Melting Pot and Friday Street, as well as the one and only Colin Stewart - the dj for Glasgow's original Scene Club!
Scene ClubIt would be impossible to describe the depth of emotions on the night. There were around 200 faces old and new and, for the old ones, most hadn't seen each other for over 25 years - for some the last time they did meet was 'face to face' in a punch up in the old Scene Club!
Many thanks should go to April for organising this evening, with the assistance of Andy Murdoch, as well as all the fabulous dj's. It should be noted that no-one accepted any reimbursement for their expenses or payment for their services and all the money raised was donated to charity.
You'll find lots of photos people have added of the Balloch rideout and our Scene Club Daze. You should also have a look at Paul & Vickys great photos from the rideout and Grahamstons.

Hopefully we'll manage to do something similar again in the future. In the meantime, everybody should get out and support the great people who are keeping the Mod scene alive in Glasgow and Scotland. Friday Street, The Melting Pot, Double Breasted Mod Magazine, all the scooter clubs and others are putting on fantastic nights and weekenders, drawing bigger crowds all the time. If you haven't done so already, get in with the 'IN' crowd and join them!