A Little Mixed Up

The Laynes'The Greatest Collection of Scottish Bands in One Day....'

"A Little Mixed Up" was organised by Double Breasted Modzine, in association with Friday Street and Melting Pot. Playing live at the event were The Five Aces, Les Bof!, Modus, The Bottleneckers, The Laynes, Berry Tweed and The Chasers and The Goldenhour. The bands were followed by DJ's from Double Breasted, Friday Street and Melting Pot till 3:00am.

A crowd of over 300 crammed into The Winchester Club on Bell Street for the night and it turned out to be a stormin' one! It's a shame the excellent Berry Tweed & The Chasers were on first (somebody had to be) as the numbers through the door hadn't built up yet to appreciate their truly authentic Northern Soul sound. Up next were The Five Aces who are as mod as you can get and could as easily have played the Flamingo in '63 as The Winchester in 2009. Thankfully for us they are around now - as are their doppelgangers, The Bottleneckers, who create an earlier and equally authentic R&B sound. As the cool mod crowd - a good mixture of older and younger modsBerry Tweed & The Chasers - started to fill up the venue The Laynes laid out tracks from their current album 'It's For You' and had folks rushing up to get a copy straight after the set. Things really came alive when Laurent from Les BOF! stepped onto the dancefloor and towards the stage like a manic pied pipper urging the crowd to follow behind. Despite his rather strange Edinburgh dialect, Laurent and Les BOF! were a sensation(!). Glasgow legends, The Goldenhour, lived up their advanced billing with their 'kick-ass garage psyche power pop' filling every crevice of Bell Street and beyond. Modus finished off the live part of the night and well deserved their top spot - this is a highly professional and groovy band who are definately going places and we can take some pride that they are from Scottish soil (even if it does happen to be Edinburgh).

Despite the best efforts of a completely OTT member of door staff this night was a big success and the organisers deserve an even bigger pat on the back for pulling it off, I'm sure many fingers are now crossed that it will become a regular thing!

Here are contacts for all the bands who took part:

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