Mods in Comics

Oni PressWhat mod isn't a secret comic book reader? Well, possibly there aren't that many, but there are many successful comic book artists and writers who use mod imagery and create mod characters...
Scooter Girl
Most prominent of these is Chynna Clugston creator of the comic books series 'Blue Monday' and 'Scooter Girl' by Onipress, she is a big fan of British Culture, including mod fashion, Britpop, and slang. Talking about the mod scene Chynna says: "I was a rudegirl, and then I became a mod. Of course, I get annoyed when anything goes mainstream. I hate mall-punks, and mall-rudies. Now, with the new Vespas out and all the Paul Frank and Shag stuff everywhere, there's gonna be mall-mods, too. But, on the same note, sometimes it's nice to get a fresh injection of blood on the scene. Of course, these are normally the first people that are quick to leave and go on to the next trend, but that's just life, I guess."

If she didn't think of California as the coolest place in the world, where she was born and raised, she'd probably be living it up in London.

(download the 1st part of 'Blue Monday' mini series The Kids are Alright).

Swing with ScooterMod imagery has appeared in comics ever since the movement became 'mainsteam' in the 60's.

Swing with Scooter
was a DC Comics comicbook published from mid 1966 up to the early 1970s. The protagonist, Scooter, was a British teenage musician. His nickname came from the scooter that he used as a vehicle. The book was an attempt at drawing upon the teenage light drama market that was usually served by Archie comics and similar titles.
Mod Love
Moving into the psychedelic era we find the creation of trippy, hippy Mod Love, a three part comic book from 1967 with titles "Shadows from the Past," "As Long as I Win," and "She's the Hippest Girl in the World," all written by Michael Lutin and dealing with far out psychedelic themes.
Mod Gorilla Boss
Also from 1967 and perhaps the most bizzare mod character of all is Mod Gorilla Boss a nattily-dressed talking gorilla who battles orange-clad superhero, Animal-Man, who has the ability to absorb the powers of animals... As it turns out, Mod Gorilla Boss is in fact a Mod Human Boss who injected himself with some sort of Gorilla serum, so Animal-Man can't absorb his powers.

Monkey ModThe theme of mods as monkeys continues into today with a new character created by Kevin Cross - Monkey Mod - fighting for truth, justice, and Maximum R&B!

On his inspiration for the comic Kevin says:"I have a huge fascination with mod culture and the bands that constitute the British Invasion. Which in turn, influenced American garage rock in the ’60s. Thus, and in my opinion, laid down the groundwork for punk rock. So, the subculture of these styles will be infused into the Monkey Mod character as well. I know there are some mod purists out there who think that mod culture is just all about Northern Soul music or scooter culture, for example. What I say to them is that mod is short for modern and things must progress. To me, at its core, it was a youth rebellion movement. "