Glasgow Mods Weekender 2010

Glasgow Mods
Now in its 8th year, the Glasgow Mods Weekender is the highlight of the Scottish Mod year and is also recognised as one the highlights of the mod scene internationally, attracting as it does visitors from throughout Britain & Ireland as well as the continent. Having grown into a full 4 nights and 2 days of live music, top dj's, dancing, hanging out, and of course the scooter rideout, the event just gets bigger and better year by year.

Glasgow Mods
One of the great aspects of the weekend is the communal spirit involved. Every circle of Mod life in Glasgow is involved with representation on the turntables from the great mod themed clubs in the city's surrounds - from the cool gang at Grow Your Own, to the clued up girls of Eyes Wide Open and the Scottish Mod Scenesters at Melting Pot. In addition to the local dj's the weekend is also able attract some of the top dj's on the scene, with Gav Arno and Rob Bailey being special guests on this occasion.

All of the day time events take place in possibly the most mod pub you'll find anywhere in the UK, McChuills, where 60's mod images adorn the walls and bar. Over the weekend artisans from Glasgow's most stylish clothing shops held stalls at McChuills - including the lovely girls of Vintage Guru.

Of course, the weekend is not only about Glasgow - this year Scotland's second city was also represented by the very excellent Les Bof and Modus, both from Edinburgh. They must be two of the best mod bands around (anywhere!) and in their respective lead singers they also have two of the most stylish, and nicest, people you are likely to meet.
Glasgow Mods
The Saturday and Sunday daytime events are always a bit of a family affair, where chat from mods of all generations, old friends and new alike, is mixed together with the put-putting of exhausts and the cool sounds drifting out from the bar - and all around the air is filled with the smell of two stroke - nice. Some of the scooters on show this year were quite outstanding - the guys from Dundee with all the lights and mirrors - wow!

The Glasgow Mods Weekender is an event for anyone who belongs to the mod scene, whether Glaswegian or not, and, as all of those who visit the city from elsewhere soon find out, when you come to Glasgow - Glasgow Belongs To You.