Brighton Mod Weekend 2010

Brighton 2010 - where to begin?!? How about 8pm Friday and New Untouchablesheading down to the Coaltion to see The Chords - the first person we meet is Rob Bailey outside handing out flyers for the New Untouchables weekend - aparently there's a mod thing going on... First band, The Universal, look the part and knock out some fine Welleresque tunes but the weekend doesn't really start til The Chords hit the stage and blow the crowd away - for a band that last played together 30 years ago, they certainly are tight.

Luckily it's only a short stroll along the prom (passed the zero tasters and drunken wasters littering the streets) onto the Mod nirvana of Volks. We step through the doors to be immediately hit by the amazing size and style of the crowd within which, it turns out, is a good indication of the weekend as a whole. The place is completely crammed, the dancing and music are spot on - it's a mod thing!

On Saturday we do the Quadrophenia thing (you've got to). Up the alley - Beach Cafe - couple of drinks and we're on our way. Having seen scooters go by all day we head down to Volks where the gleaming chromed Italian machines are lined up all along the road - with the pier as the back drop and mod characters all around this is Quadrophenia for real! Two bands played on Saturday, The Faithkeepers and Peppermint Beat Band, both off whom had the crowd jumping and both included excellent veBrighton Mod Weekendrsions of some real classics and, for me, The Faithkeepers were a band I would definately want to see again.

Saturday night starts off inside The Dorset - and outside The Dorset and, as the street gets so busy, we take over the pub across the road too. It's suits - smart suits - very, very smart suits - all around. The chat is great, meeting new people from all over Europe, young mods and old. And those younger guys - they get it so right - really sharp dressers!

Then, for those with tickets it's onto the Komedia. Quite a few people are unfortunate enough to turn up without a ticket - they don't have a chance to get in. The place is packed (and it's a good sized club too) but you couldn't have squeezed any more in.

If the guys in the pub had looked good in their suits then the mod girls in Komedia look absolutely fantastic! You think to yourself that girl looks good, then you pass another, and another, and you realise the place is full of class mod girls! And the music is great - best of all when the crowd tears it up to the ska. Of course it gets hot - very hot - I dont think there's a mod club in this country that actually has ventilation?!?Mods

If you were down in Brighton and you survived Friday and Saturday then you did well 'cause the best is yet to come! Come Sunday, after taking a few more Quadrophenia shots around town, we headed down to Volks to catch up with all the good, good people. Some only came down for the Sunday - no harm in that - and the weekend was all the better for seeing them - hello Mark and Lou! And with even more scooters on display in the glorious Sunday sunshine and a mixture of mods from the 60's to the present day it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night in Brighton and every pub on North Street is mod happy - the Komedia had an extra room open so even more could be packed in - even then there were still some left outside. With the larger room playing pure soul and the smaller pure mod - the music, wall to wall, was amazing! (I cant remember the names of all dj's during weekend but Glasgow's supergirls Holly and Sarah, as well as Ginger Taylor and the live wire Jamie Parr were among those keeping the crowd very happy).

Mod girlsSome of us decided to head back to Volks on monday morning for a farewell drink. You could easily have thought the mod weekend hadn't finished the day before as there appeared to be as many scooters around on monday as there had been the rest of the weekend - and this was even before the guys heading back from the IOW showed up.

There's some grafitti in Jimmy's alley saying 'Bring Back The Mods' - well, we all know that they've never gone away - and on the evidence of this Brighton weekend they are not only still around but have as healthy a scene today as at any time in the last 30 years. No trouble, no wasters - just mods out to have a good time, look good and listen to good music. The scene's out of sight!