Innocenti and the Indonesian Mod Scene

INNOCENTI, a name chosen to represent their mod/scootering lifestyle, were formed during a time of stagnation in the music industry of Indonesia. With influences including The Jam, The Who, Motown and scooter scene sounds, and a style and spirit that embodies the best of the revival era, they presented something new to the eyes and ears of Indonesian youth.

The progression of Innocenti, since their formation in 2004, has mirrored the progression of the Indonesian mod scene from a rag tag collection of scooterists into something far, far smarter. Mod scooter rallies and events take place regularly throughout the year, culminating in the annual Jakarta Mods Mayday - a massive 2 day event involving 1000s of mods and scooters, with live bands and dj's (if there is anybody still searching for the young soul rebels then you'll find them kicking about the streets of Jakarta on the Mayday weekend).

While the spirit of '79 plays a large part in the scene, the influence of the whole Britpop era is also clear to see and young mods are as likely to quote the lyrics of Morrisey or Noel Gallagher as Paul Weller or Pete Townshend.
Yakarta Mods Mayday
Innocenti's debut album, The Journey of Mr. Who?, takes all of these influences and presents a ten-song celebration of social phenomena, family, friendship, the working class and the modern way of thinking - it includes the undisputed anthem of the Indonesian mod scene 'We Are The Mods' (included in video below).

Having undergone some line-up changes Innocenti are now working on new material for their second album, due for release early 2011, which they plan to make a live event, capturing the spirit of the mod scene - and with this spirit, their new formation and new material they hope to mark the beginning of a new revival.

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