Brighton Rock

Both Quadrophenia and Brighton Rock open with a shot of the sea and, in each, the main character's final scenes are set on the towering white cliffs of the South Coast.

In essence both of these films contain the story of a psychologically disturbed young man (Jimmy Cooper and Pinky Brown respectively). Although Jimmy's problems are possibly the result of youthful angst and too much pill-popping, Pinkys are much, much deeper. In their demise, although there is some ambiguity over what becomes of Jimmy (only his scooter is seen to crash down upon the rocks), there is no doubting what becomes of the accursed Pinky Brown...

Pinky is a member/leader of a group of Brighton gangsters, whose criminal activities are definately more extreme than breaking into the local chemist shop. Pinky becomes involved with mods firstly because he happens to steal a mod scooter to escape some rival mobsters (incidently he heads off on the stolen scooter straight to the Grand Hotel - exactly the spot where Jimmy stole the scooter from...) and subsequently dons a rather tasty suit and parka so that he can blend in with other mods on the beach, in order to carry out some dasdardly deed and make his escape. It's possibly ironic that Jimmy says he's a mod because he 'don't wanna be the same as everybody else' whilst Pinky becomes one precisely so he can.

Mods appear and are mentioned throughout Brighton Rock but for the major part of the film they are only in the background. Consequently, Brighton Rock is no way the new Quadrophenia and viewers will only be disapointed if that's what they are expecting, but in it's own right it is a worthy film. Although it's no classic, Brighton Rock is well made, the acting is good and they have gone to a lot of effort to recreate the 60's accurately. The mod scenes are enjoyable and the majority of those taking part in them were in fact real mods.

And, on a final note of approval, at least this time the scooter survives!

Above are some photos from the filming of cafe scene (the cafe itself is actually in London)

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