Glasgow Mods Weekender 2011

Glasgow Mods Weekender

MODS! Over 400 of them filed into the Balcony Bar of Strathclyde Uni for Saturday night of the 9th annual Glasgow Mods Weekender, making it one of the biggest nights in the history of the event - and the number of young, very sharply dressed mods among them is a sure indication of where this event is going.

Significantly, in addition to the large number of youngsters who turned up this year, there was a big increase in the number who travelled from outside Glasgow - including the very large group from Northern Ireland. Whether you were actually born in Glasgow or not, when you show up at the mod weekend you become one of the gang and the Belfast guys and girls have become a big part of the scene.


One outstanding highlight of the weekend was the performance by Big Boss Man. Their fantastic 'heavy Hammond hybrid of pop, 6T's R'n'B / Latin soul and funk' could fire up an empty room so, in the absolutely heaving cavern of McChuills, it became like a furnace of sound, sweat and soul as they tore through their set list. Go out and buy their fantastic cd, Full English Breakfast, right now!

As always, Sunday night was a scene of mod mayhem - one long time Friday Stree regular was found wandering aimlessly around looking for the toilets...and the shenanigans on the dancefloor were positively maniacal as dj's dug out dusty tracks from their collections which probably haven't seen the light of day since the 80's!

As well as providing a perfect introduction for new faces to the mod scene, the Glasgow Mods Weekender has always been a place to meet old friends and every year more and more old faces appear to take part in the 'friendship update'. With great poignance, the last song of the last night was dedicated to one old friend, Wee Garfield, who sadly passed away this year and to whom a special Friday Street 11th Anniversay night will also be dedicated on 29 July.

Congratulations must go, once again, to the Friday Street team for their dedication to the cause and what Mikey says was 'the best weekender in 9 years' - roll on the 10th Anniversary!