Le Beat Bespoke

Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Le Beat Bespoke weekend brings together Mod, 60's and Rock n Roll enthusiasts in a celebration of counter culture, music and style.  As the weekend covers a lot of bases it manages to draw in a large, mixed crowd and all nights are always packed right into the early hours of the morning.

Over the years the list of bands that have played the weekend  is quite astounding and this years event was no different with the likes of The Pretty Things, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Poets, The Trashmen and The Sorrows all playing like the passage of time has been just a dream...yes, it was quite a dream line up!

When the singing stops, the serious business of dancing really begins and the venue is split into 3 rooms with the main hall being for Soul/Northern Soul and a smaller Psych/Beat room plus a Mod/R&B room. Although the rooms are of different sizes all are full of enthusiastic dancers, fuelled by excellent dj's, but I would have to say that the Psych/Beat room usually appears the wildest and the weekend seems geared more towards that crowd than any other.  That's reflected by the compilation cd issued in conjunction with the weekend.

The cd and vinyl 'Le Beat Bespoke 5'  is the latest instalment (although the weekend itself is in it's eighth year). With 16  tracks (20 on the cd!) of  '60s dance floor rarities' Le Beat Bespoke 5 is a fun-filled package which, for fans of Le Beat, will be more than just a tonic - its exactly what the Doctor ordered!

Both vinyl and CD are priced £12.99 and available direct from New Untouchables.

Le Beat Bespoke 5