French Boutik

French Boutik Ici Paris

The highly anticipated Ici Paris is the new double 7" release on copaseDisques from Paris-based stylists, French Boutik.

It's an in-joke in the ranks of French Boutik that guitarist Serge introduces the most obscure guitar chords to their songs, which often leave the rest of the band baffled, but we the listeners can be thankful for his Gainsburg-like touch which permatates this fabulous 4 track release, especially on the title track Ici Paris and Kinky Allumette (which also offers us the rare treat of Serge on vocals - singing in English!).

French Boutik
Gabriela and Serge at Riviera Affair
Fan favourite, Facile, is the  kind of mod pop that Los Fletchazos would create back in the early 90's and always hit the target with, whilst Pousse Au Crime is a step into darker territory, where Gabriela's breathless vocals tell the tale of a pastis-guzzling aging dandy disgusted by the bad taste surrounding him...

French Boutik are not one of those bands who label themselves 'mod' to bring in a few extra punters - they are very much part of the scene and when not gigging or working on new material you will most likely find them among Les Minets être MOD à Paris or at a weekender in Brighton or Glasgow...ici Paris, ici Mod, ici French Boutik.

Pre-order Ici Paris, the new double 7" Vinyl (two 45 records) by French Boutik on copaseDisques, here! Pre-commandez Ici Paris, le nouveau double 45 tours en Vinyle (deux disques) de French Boutik sur copaseDisques, ici

(orders will be shipped on release September 06th, download will also be available then)
For more than 3 copies please write to copaseDisques to arrange.
Order your copy now from copaseDisques or via the French Boutik facebook page